A versatile chain lube that provides lasting lubrication for a smooth, quiet, and efficient ride.

A lubed chain is a happy chain

Bontrager's proprietary chain lube is a true hybrid to ensure your chain stays clean, quiet, and efficient. The long-lasting formula lets you go longer between applications.

Product details

  1. High-performance chain lube works great in all conditions and riding styles
  2. Proprietary formula is Trek's factory-recommended chain lube
  3. Helps maintain clean, long-lasting, and efficient drivetrains
  4. Pleasing berry scent
  5. Apply after your ride and allow to dry to keep your drivetrain clean
  6. 4 fl oz (118mL) bottle is easy to use with a precise applicator tip
  7. Also available in 0.5g/1.9L bulk bottle for easy and economical refills
  8. Keep out of reach of children and do not ingest


Size 118mL (4oz), Drip 1.893L (0.5gal), Pour
Volume 118mL (4oz) 1.893L (0.5gal)
Delivery Drip Pour
Type Chain Lube - Universal Chain Lube

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