Cloud 9 XL Memory Foam Air Flow Bike Seat




he Cloud 9 XL Memory Foam Air Flow Bicycle Seat is one of the softest, most wide seats that Cloud 9 has to offer! This wide, soft cruiser saddle features multi stage memory foam padding, elastomer suspension springs and an anatomic relief design that will make you feel like you're riding on Cloud 9!

  • Soft, comfortable multi stage memory foam padding
  • Seat is 11.75'' W x 10.75'' L
  • Durable, thick synthetic cover is weather-resistant and puncture-resistant
  • Anatomic Relief Zone with vent provides pressure relief and cooling
  • Elastomer spring suspension system absorbs shocks from potholes and bumps

This saddle is best suited for riders that:

  • Are looking for a wide, soft comfort saddle
  • Sit straight up on the seat in a more casual riding position
  • Weigh less than 250lbs (seat is rated for 300lbs)
  • Are male or female (unisex design)
  • Are going to be replacing the saddle on a cruiser, mountain/hybrid or exercise/stationary bike

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