Himiway Kids Electric Bike C1




Love & Exploration

Not only are we offering a kid's electric bike, but we're also inviting them to a lifestyle full of health, freedom, vitality, and exploration.

The Volvo of children's ebike

Safety is our top priority with the C1—a meticulously designed electric bike that combines reliable braking systems, an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, and sleek, rounded aesthetics. With three-speed modes, it’s both secure and stylish, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for your child, even if they fancy a few stunts.


Years of Age

45~50 Miles

Miles per Charge

165 lbs

Payload Capacity

360 Wh

Samsung/LG Battery

350 W

Geared Hub Motor


3 Speed Modes

16x3 "

Kenda Fat Tire

Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Brake

A toy to accompany your kids' childhood

It's a catalyst for discovery. It inspires kids to explore, stay healthy, appreciate nature, and forge friendships while having fun and learning teamwork.

A bond between family members

In this digital age, family time has become fleeting." How do I keep my kids away from screens?" "How can I do more active things with my kids?" The C1 Ebike is the answer.

Payload up to 165 lbs

The C1 e-bike can hold up to 165 pounds and weighs only 32 pounds in itself, so it's easy for kids to handle. It's no exaggeration to say that the C1 ebike is more than enough to carry two or three 10-year-old boys.

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