Himiway Urban Electric Commuter Bike A7 Pro




Refined in Every Detail

The A7 PRO blends peak performance, supreme comfort, and classic style for an unparalleled riding experience.

Engineered for Perfectionists

The A7 Pro features an integrated, harmonious aesthetic that captivates, embodying the essence of a meticulously crafted.

Sleek Integration

Aerospace-grade Aluminum

Flawless aerospace-grade aluminum frame, expertly polished for a seamless, weld-free finish.

  • 300 Ib.

    Payload Capacity

  • 77 lb.

    with Battery


    Linkage Suspension

    Seamlessly blends mountain bike technology into urban cycling, enhancing comfort, safety, and providing a smoother ride by effectively absorbing shocks and reducing vibrations.


    Mid-Drive Motor

    Equipped with a responsive torque-sensing mid-motor, the A7 Pro offers swift, powerful ascents and quick starts, ideal for challenging terrains.

    • 500 W

      Mid-Drive Motor

    • 130 Nm


      Torque Sensor

      The A7 Pro's torque sensor intelligently adjusts electric assist in real-time, ensuring efficient, controlled cycling. This precise modulation offers a smoother ride, conserving energy while enhancing rider safety and stability.


      48V 15Ah

      High-capacity 720Wh LG battery, 48V 15Ah, detachable and built with durable 21700 Li-ion cells for extended range and performance

      • 50 Miles

        Per Charge (maximum) 1

      • 8.8 lb.

        Battery Weight


        Ensure your Safety

        Safeguarding your ride with intelligent battery protection for enhanced longevity and performance.


        Auto-Illuminating Brake Light

        Frame-integrated taillights illuminate automatically upon braking, enhancing safety and visibility for night riding.

        9 Speed Shimano Gear Shift System

        Versatile shifting for optimal control in diverse riding conditions, complemented by a responsive pedal-assist system to tailor your ride perfectly.

        Hydraulic Shimano disc brake

        Exceptional, lasting stopping power with minimal maintenance for safer, cost-effective riding.

        Secure ABUS lock with a Click

        Robust, integrated rear-wheel lock for enhanced security. Designed for theft deterrence and resilience against daily wear and extreme weather.


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