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Power-up your e-bike

Designed for mid drive motor e-bikes, the KMC e10 Sport 10-Speed E-Bike Chain features increased tensile strength to exceed the international standard by over 30% so you can push even harder.

To give durability a boost, the chain undergoes special heat treatment and uses KMC's patented metal coating for rigidity, flexibility, strength, and reduced wear and tear for an estimated lifespan of 7500km (4660 miles).

Product details

  1. 136 link chain compatible with Bosch and other 10-speed chain driven e-bike systems
  2. Higher torsional rigidity and shield tech riveting increase the strength
  3. Double X bridge shape provides precise shifting
  4. Inner and outer plate chamfering provide accurate, fast and efficient shifting
  5. Triple X stretch-proof heat treatment provides exceptional durability
  6. Includes KMC non-reusable Missing Link


Manufacturer part # CN10668
Width 5.9mm
Links 136 links
Speed 10
Connection type Masterlink
Material Steel
Weight 273g

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