Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1518 Key Cable Lock

KyrptoniteSKU: 1050524



A light, flexible and convenient form of secondary security to deter theft.

Keep your pride and joy under lock and key

When you need flexible and easy to use security, the KryptoFlex 1518 is just right as a theft deterrent. With a 15mm flexible braided steel cable construction and Easy-Click locking mechanism, this lock is perfect as a secondary form of security and for quick lock-ups.

KryptoFlex cable locks are designed for use in conjunction with an additional primary lock to ensure your ride stays safe and secure.

Product details

  1. 15mm flexible braided steel cable provides increased cut resistance
  2. 180cm (72") total length makes it easy to lock frame and wheel
  3. Advanced cylinder provides greater protection from picking
  4. Easy-Click locking - no need for keys when locking up
  5. Dual sliding cylinder automatically closes, guarding against contaminants
  6. Lock head rotates for easier handling during lock up and removal
  7. Includes 2 reversible keys that can be inserted either way
  8. Security rating: 3 out of 10

Size  15mm x 180cm (70.9")

Weight   1.07kg

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