Tannus Armour Tire Insert

TannusSKU: 5304551

Size: 26x2-2.5


A tire insert that provides the benefits of going tubeless with a simplistic tubed setup.

Fight back against flats

Tannus Armour inserts protect inner tubes from punctures, sidewall cuts, rim damage, and pinch flats for a secure ride that can be enjoyed by any type of cyclist with inner tubes.

Tannus Armour's patented foam protects against flats, increases ride comfort and grip, is fast rolling, and is easy to install for undeniable benefits for many types of riders.

Product details

  1. Insert sits between tire and inner tube
  2. 15mm of puncture protection under tread
  3. 2mm of sidewall protection
  4. Proprietary foam absorbs vibration for smoother ride
  5. Size down on tube width to accommodate tire volume displaced by foam insert
  6. Recommended PSI for commuter, gravel, and touring bikes: 25-30 PSI
  7. Recommended PSI for mountain bikes: 15-20 PSI
  8. Sold as single tire inserts

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