Universal bike phone holder



Bicycle Mobile Phone Holder, Universal Bike Handlebar Clip. Good for 4 -7 Inch Smartphone.


1. The claws have been lengthened, now length is 18mm.  Perfect with all phones with thick cases.

2. Compatible with most mobile phones, the width can be adjusted 66mm to 100mm(3.9 inches), which makes it suitable for almost all phones on the market ranging from 4 to 7 inches.

3. All aluminum alloy frame makes it the strongest and most secure phone on the market. The four edges are designed with eagle claws, which make your phone to be much better protected.  The cross-shaped structure makes it fit the pedestal perfectly. 

4. Multiple protections - cushioning adhesive patch for clamp can reduce vibration as well as avoid phone surface scratches. 

*Adjustable size

*Aluminum alloy 

*Secure grip 

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