Mix, Match, Make it your own with Electra accessories

Mix, Match, Make it your own with Electra accessories

Mix, Match, Make it your own with Electra accessories

There’s one thing we know for certain. No two Electra fans are the same. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure your bike can fit into your lifestyle no matter what you’re into.

Coastal cruises with your four-legged friend on your way to watch sunset? That’s a no brainer. After work jaunt to grab a local brew and a bite to eat? Covered. Even you crazy cats that like to get out of town, breathe in some fresh air and be back in time for family dinner… We’ve got you in mind. All that to say, inspiration for our new collection of baskets, bells and more came from two-wheeled riders just like you! From flashy to functional, these new accessories will turn your lifestyle into your bikestyle. Afterall, there’s no reason your bike can’t reflect you and your awesome personality.

Whether you’re a regular at the farmer’s market or known by first name at your local pizza joint (yes, even if it’s Dominos), read on to see the accessories you and your bike need.

The Takeout Champ.

Having a craving for pizza, a burger, maybe fries and a shake? We got you. Hop on the Loft 7D. This ride was built to navigate the city streets and alleyways so you can get to your local spot on a dime. The last thing you want is your pizza getting cold, or even worse, catapulting onto the ground, cheese-side down. So, that’s why we’ve got the Loft Rear Rack and Front Headset Mount Basket. Secure your precious cargo tightly to avoid any casualties. Keep your drink of choice safe too with the Linear Cup Holder.

The Get ‘Er Doner.

Meet the Get ‘Er Doner. This is the person that is always out, about and all over town. If this is you… you might have a caffeine addiction, and you know what? That’s okay because no to-do list stands a chance when you lay hands on it. The Townie Go! 5i in Turquoise gets you places faster than any SUV in traffic can. Sleek and simple accessories in black and white, like the Andi Trunk Bag, turn heads at every corner. It holds everything from your laptop to your yoga mat. Your handlebars also got it going on with the Andi Handlebar Bag, perfect for smaller things like a phone and keys. The color-matched Twister Bell rests perfectly beneath the Purion Display, and a Linear Cup Holder is anxiously awaiting your next cup o’ joe. One thing to remember is that anything counts as an errand when you’re on a Townie Go!… even Taco Tuesday.

The Fresh and Local.

If you like organic veggies, fresh flowers and kombucha on tap, the Fresh and Local might speak to you. Hop on a Townie Original 7D in Curry… it’s the perfect ride to get you to the market and back. We know you’re picking up goodies with every stop, and the Rear MIK Rack paired with a Honeycomb Low Profile Basket are ready to carry it all. A simple helmet and playful Hedgey Bell round out this ride with safety and style. You’re living your best life. Just remember to keep it fresh and keep it local.

The Out-of-Towner.

The Out-of-Towner is not afraid to disappear for a few days to ride and explore. We don’t blame you. Whether it’s camping deep in the woods or just discovering a new trail down the road, Townie Path Go! is the ride for you. With your sense of direction, the SmartphoneHub display with GPS and the Frame/Phone Bag with your backup map, there’s zero chance of getting lost. Don’t forget to fill up the MIK Pine Crate and Front Rack with s’mores supplies and Jiffy Pop. You know… the essentials!

The Daily Commuter.

The Daily Commuter is off to work! And then off to happy hour, perhaps. Hop on the Vale Go! 9D EQ to beat the rush hour slump. The Bosch Active Line Plus motor will get you there so fast that you’ll even have time for a coffee stop. Leave cars in the dust and watch ‘em fade into the distance as you peek down at the Bar End Mirror. We know the Daily Commuter shows up prepared, so the Basil x Electra Pannier bag is perfect for carrying your iPad, lucky pen, chocolate covered espresso beans, or whatever gets you through the day. Ding twice on the Banana Leaf Domed Ringer Bell as you pull up to the office and let everyone know you’re ready to get down to business.

The Beach Bum.

As the Beach Bum, you’re always finding sand everywhere. But, hey, a little sand never hurt anyone. You love a leisurely ride on a Cruiser Lux to take you from point A to point B with no particular schedule in mind. Some may refer to you as the Color Queen (or King) because you’re always rocking something bold and bright. Kind of like your personality… and your bike. For you, a Pineapple Yellow Bugle Horn and Teal Lifestyle Helmet are a no brainer. The addition of a rear rack and Hot Pink Honeycomb QR Front Basket allow you to bring everything you need for a full beach day. So, what’re you waiting for? Go catch some rays and waves (sunscreen not included).

The Juicebox Hero.

Meet the coolest kid on the block… the Juicebox Hero. Give your kid instant bike rack cred as they roll up to the park on the Sprocket 20”. Sporting the easy-to-ring Twister Bell, they can let others know they’ve arrived and are ready to play. There’s no doubt they will show up prepared with the Honeycomb Front Basket with Straps and Bottle Cage attached to their ride. These accessories allow little ones to carry their goodies for an all-day play sesh. Mom, Dad, Aunt, Grandpa, or whoever, can rest easy knowing their Juicebox Hero is riding safe and in style as they gear up with their Lifestyle Helmet. The only thing that’s missing here is a cape.

If none of these call your name, don’t fret! All Electra accessories are easy to mix, match and truly make your bike your own. Check out our full line online to find your perfect combo!

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