Shipping Damage

In the event of shipping damage the customer invoiced is responsible for documenting the damage on their receiving documents prior to placing a claim with and This documentation must be supplied to to complete any shipping claim placed with and Once the claim is verified by the shipping carrier and will issue credit.

Discrepancies on order Acknowledgements

It is strongly recommended that the customer verify within 24 hours pricing, products and shipping method confirmed on all orders via the order acknowledgement.

Order Cancellations will accept order cancellations for distributor stock materials up to 24 hours prior to shipment. will not accept any order cancellation for non stock or custom products unless notification occurs to within 24 hours of order placement. If raw materials or production have been started on any custom product no cancellations will be allowed.

Discrepancies on packing lists

Any discrepancy resulting in a request for credit and or replacement must be reported within three working days of receipt by the customer and verified by and and does not ship any no- charge replacement materials. In the event of a replacement the materials will be processed and billed as a new order with credit against the original invoiced order completed to correct the original order.

Warranty Disclaimer and warrants the quality of our products only. The application and processing of and  products is beyond our control and therefore is the sole responsibility of the user and or dealer. Due to varying procedures and conditions,'s and's written or verbal instructions are based on experience with our products and we strongly recommend thorough inspection and testing of the product prior to actual use.

In the event of a defective product claim, and requires that samples showing the defect be submitted for inspection and testing to verify the alleged claim. This may be done on site through the use of personnel or agents under contract with by actual samples submitted to In the event of confirmation that the status of the material in question is in fact defective, warrants the replacement value of the materials only. liability will not exceed the value of the material involved. and is not responsible for any consequential damages.


Defective Materials

Materials deemed to be defective by the customer must be inspected by either through samples supplied by the customer or on site inspection by an employee, or by an agent under contract by Upon inspection it will be determined to either substantiate the defective claim or deny the claim, if the claim is substantiated then an RMA may be issued in which the customer will be instructed to destroy the material in the field or returned to at customer’s expense. Credit for return material will be done within 30 days of receipt by and are subject to the condition of the material when received at’s liability is limited to the replacement cost of the original invoiced materials only.

Warranties are honored pursuant to manufacturer policies and the following conditions:

  • You are required to provide proof of purchase and purchase date.
  • We do not warranty items that are customer supplied. For example if you bring us a new wheel to install we’ll warranty the labor but not your wheel.
  • We will objectively evaluate warranty issues and contact the manufacturer on your behalf. It is up to the manufacturer to honor their warranty based on the information we provide them. We’re on your side, within reason.
  • Manufacturer warranties generally only apply to normal use. Any abuse or crash damage is generally not covered.
  • In most cases other than bicycles we’ll replace the item on the spot if we believe the item to be defective and we’ll contact the manufacturer later so you don’t have to wait on them. This does not apply to special ordered items or items which we normally don’t stock.

Bike Boutique Warranties:

  • Warranty claims on items must be made in person with the item in question. If we cannot see the item we cannot consider a warranty. No exceptions.
  • New bicycles have a manufacturer’s warranty against defects (typically 1 year). Frame and fork warranty varies with brand. Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, tires, tubes, damage caused by user error, improper use, abuse or crashes.
  • Labor / Service has a 30 day warranty except in the following cases there is no warranty:
    • If a new crank arm comes loose and is damaged and the customer declined a bottom bracket replacement, we do not warranty the crank arm nor the labor.
    • If we recommend a repair/replacement and the customer declines, any labor performed on said components are not warrantied.
    • Labor performed on the original equipment of department store bikes (those from Wal-mart, Target, etc) is not warrantied due to the sub par nature of the original equipment components.
    • Warranty claims must be made in person with the bicycle in question. If we cannot inspect the bicycle we cannot warranty the labor. No exceptions.
  • If you opt to have us use a used part in the rare absence of a suitable new part where a delay is unacceptable, there is NO WARRANTY on used parts.

Bike Boutique Labor Policies:

  • We do not work on gasoline powered bicycles.
  • We do not work on direct to consumer electric bikes, electric bikes purchased from department stores (example Wal-mart, Target, Costco, etc.).
  • We do not work on bicycles which are unsafe to ride, examples:
    • Non functional brakes (unless we’re making at least one brake functional) (fixed gear bicycles excluded from this limitation).
    • Bent/damaged frame, fork, handlebars or other major component, regardless of material.
    • Tires which are unsafe to ride (unless we’re replacing them).
    • Any other condition which we deem makes the bicycle unsafe to ride.
  • If your bicycle does not have machined rim brake tracks, we cannot guarantee squeak free brakes. Brake squeak does not indicate an unsafe condition.

Bicycle Rental Policies:

  • For each paying party, a state or federal issued PHOTO ID and valid credit/debit (with credit card logo) card is MANDATORY. We will make a copy of your ID and put your credit card on file. Rentals MUST be charged to your card, cash is not accepted. If you’re concerned about identity theft, you can request the copy of your ID when you return the bicycle at the end of your rental.
  • Group reservations of 4 or more require a $100 non-refundable deposit per bike payable at time of reservation and must be made using one payment card.
  • Reservations made for popular bicycle related events in town require a 100% non-refundable pre-payment at the time of reservation.
  • Minors must have a parent or guardian sign our rental agreement and must wear a helmet pursuant to Florida State Laws.
  • If you do not return the bicycle and we call and email you and you don’t respond within 24 hours we will report the bicycle stolen.
  • We do not provide partial refunds on rentals that are returned early. Please choose the appropriate rental period at the time of rental, especially during fall/winter/spring seasons.
  • Additional requirements and policies are defined in our Bicycle Rental Agreement [PDF].

General / Misc. Policies

  • No customer, under any circumstance, may work on their own bicycle inside the shop. The only exception is we allow customers to inflate their tires using our pump.
  • Bike Boutique does not loan tools with the exception of a 15mm wrench and tire lever. We have a bicycle pump available for use by customers. If you have a loose screw or bolt, we’ll generally tighten it for free.
  • Closeout items and bicycles may have minor defects and blemishes.
  • Bicycles left longer than 7 days after repair completion are subject to a $3 per day storage fee. Bicycles left longer than 60 days after repair completion are considered abandoned and become property of Bike Boutique and will be donated or sold to cover the cost of repairs/parts. We will make several attempts to contact you before this happens, please ensure we have accurate contact information. If an extenuating circumstance occurs, please contact us as soon as possible!